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Food Safety Academy


Food Safety Academy


Magcolm Solutions ambition is to coach individual in Food Safety and Quality Assurance industry and elevate the appreciation of the community / the country (Malaysia) towards Food Technologist / Food Safety Personnel on their roles in a food manufacturing company. With the above objective in mind, we readily provide the best food safety and sanitation training for individuals as only through such certification course, one’s qualification could be recognized nationally and internationally. Magcolm Solutions is primed to be the first accredited certification course provider and we are proud to have a dynamic portfolio of certification courses available covering personnel, technical, food safety and industrial-specific subjects.

Food Safety Certification Course

Taking up the leading role of an HRDF training provider, we are focused on providing the best food safety learning experience and quality guidance on imparting essential knowledge to our participants. Here we offer two categories of certification courses with different modules:

Food Safety Manager Certification Course
Quality Assurance Manager Certification Course

Why Certification Course?

We pioneer food qualifications which deliver sustainable business results for the fast-paced food industry in Malaysia. We believe in the power of food industry to drive the Malaysia economy and are tenacious in our commitment to fill the skills gap among the industrial personnel or even independent individuals.

Through certification course, we aim to attracts young people into the industry and up-skilling existing teams.

Accredited Programme

We offer flexible and effectively regulated, fully accredited qualifications with enhanced support materials, across a range of food sectors.

Certified Professional Courses

Our food safety and hygiene certification course meet the same levels of quality required by legislation, general auditors, and industrial stakeholders as the more high profile offers on the market.

Preparing For Work

Our certification course are designed for those working in – or preparing to work in – a variety of roles and environments across the food manufacturing, catering and retail in relevance to operative roles as well as team leading, supervisory or management role. .