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Magcolm Solutions offer a comprehensive range of coaching and learning sessions to help you acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence to meet the required legislation and standards as stipulated. With the food industry being subjected to a lot of strict regulations and practice, we devised a complete set of training courses, qualifications and certifications to reduce risks of your business as well as hazards on consumers.

Magcolm's academy offers courses that are applicable to all levels in an organization, from the local Ministry of Health (MOH) Food Handler Course to the international food safety qualifications. To know how to start off your food safety training journey, contact us today.

Our Strengths

Fun Learning Cycle

All programs are designed by our panel of experts to ensure effective knowledge building and knowledge transfer to the participants. Over the years, we have applied different methods rather than the usual classroom method. From workshop, presentation, role-playing to group activities, we customize the best way of learning for our participants.

Multiple Languages

Language should not be the barrier during the course delivery. We speak your language, be it in Bahasa Malaysia, English or Mandarin, we customize the program according to your needs.

Industry Experts

Our team comprises of experts working across different food industries who possess the wealth of experiences for over 20 years, and their expertise is endorsed by Malaysian Institute of Food Technology (MIFT). Besides actively involving themselves in helping the local SMEs to establish the food safety structure as a project advisor, they are also auditors for multiple projects at both national and international level. They are capable of transferring the knowledge and hands-on skills, and embed the standards of excellence into each individual.

Competent Trainer

Our trainer team is the subject matter expert in food safety management system. Besides supporting the local SMEs as project advisors and auditors in their certification journey, the team is also internationally approved by UK, registered trainer with Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) and Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). Other than channelling the right food safety theory, we believe the practical knowledge from the current industry is equally essential for the development of one’s competence.

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Comparison Table between Coaching Programme, Food Safety Academy and Training

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