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Branding, Product Development & Food Safety testing


Branding, Product Development & Food Safety


Cracking your head for innovative ideas on developing new food products is common in Malaysia as our consumer market is diverse and varied. As important as food safety, we understand the need for new idea generation, however, if the phases of food product development is not taken care of at the ground root level, there’s a high chance that your new food product idea might not be sustainable which will lead to a waste of time, effort and cost.

The current scenario is that branding and rebranding efforts concerning food product development are carried out separately by branding agency company who may not be able to know how to formulate the product to the client’s liking or push it for commercial runs at a later stage. The owner of the business has to be the only party to provide inputs to the agency based on own marketing study.

Magcolm Solutions provide branding, food formulation, food safety academy and food safety certification experts under one roof. We want to save you money, time and effort through our unique team approach concept in managing branding and rebranding as well as food product formulation. Below explain why engaging Magcolm Solutions is better than branding agency or expert :

Save Time

The services of branding experts are mostly affordable only for MNCs. It is overly costly and time-consuming if SMEs are to engage their services. It is a perfect choice for companies with an experienced marketing team but a liability for SMEs who could not afford an in-house marketing team.

Save Cost

Product formulation and branding and rebranding efforts carries out by different branding agencies might not be working in parallel manner or the sequence is not correctly paced which might cause the entrepreneur to risk missing the business opportunity or engaging not the right vendor.

Save Effort

Cases of impractical food product concept by branding agencies might occur which are not feasible in the long run. Most SMEs do not have an experienced product development team as well as effective testing equipment and competent personnel to formulate new food product. While Magcolm Solution provides branding, food formulation, food safety academy and food safety certification experts under one roof.

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