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Teaching future food safety leaders are not easy. Understanding the food safety standards are always the main challenge for food business operator. Fulfilling the customers' expectations remains the top concern in every food business. Right here, in Magcolm Solutions, we make sure that every learning is a journey of inner transformation for you and your business.

Through the journey of learning with us, you will be:

  • An expert in both local and international food safety standards.

  • A qualified food safety team leader.

  • Having skills and competencies to grow a sustainable food business through risk and cost prioritization.

Why enrol Food Safety Manager Qualifications ?

International Accredited Qualification by UK

We are international approved center in pioneering food safety qualifications which drive skills and deliver results.

Created by Experts

Our enhanced materials are developed by food safety experts and endorsed by professional affiliates from the industry.

Online Delivery Approach

Classroom style is not our thing. We create fun, practical and interactive environment to maximize the learning potential.

Mini Talks by Invited Industrial Experts

We all know this whatever you have learnt has to fit in with the day to day running of a food operation and stay in touch with the latest technologies in the marketplace.

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