Frequently Asked Questions

About The Company

1What does Magcolm Solutions do?
We help business partners to implement management system. We also do training and coaching programme to elevate personnel capabilities. We also help business partners to get ready for certification and audit. You may find our listing of services thru our “Advisory & Certification” and “Academy” page.
2What industries do you specialize in?
We cover a various range of management systems, however we take pride in our ability to advise on food safety measures in food manufacturing and food service indusry. Majority of the markets we have served include food manufacturer, franchise restaurant, chain restaurant, traditional medicine and health supplement industry, central kitchen, pastry and bakery production, beverages manufacturer, water and ice licensing, edible bird nest and many more.
3What are your qualifications?
We are a team comprised of background in Food Science, Food Technology and Food Service. Some of us have more than 15 years in the food industry and our managing director is one of the Malaysian Institute of Food Technology listed consultant. You can read more at here.


1Why should we hire a consultant?
You could easily spend many months or more to preparing your business to be compliance to any management system and yet the outcome may not as fruitful as expected. While this amount of time you probably should be focusing on marketing strategy, developing new products, exploring new markets and customer base, and leaving the frustration of documentation works in our hands. In addition to our expertise in preparing these materials, we offer independent and possible advice into your business, which may raise questions that you might not have thought of it.
2How does the process work?
Every circumstance is unique. However, some fairly common six sequential steps as following applies generally:
  • Conduct preliminary analysis on your existing operation or facilities
  • Conduct requirement trainings for key committee members to familiarize the system
  • Generating documentation for your business, looking into potential risk and issues
  • Initiate implementation and roll out documents
  • Checking your business readiness for certification or other food safety compliance
  • Finalize all deliverables to hand over project but still we provide ongoing offsite support with no additional charges
3Where is your office located? Do you work with clients outside your local areas?
We are headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, and we are used to travel to not only Klang Valley but also outside, which includes Kedah, Penang, Perak, Malacca, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Johor and Sarawak. Our consultants also have experience in overseas project in Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia as well. We rely heavily on the phone, email, social media, and other online meeting tools and sometimes we have never met our clients until project started. We will be able to visit you at your office (limited to Klang Valley only) for a getting-to-know session if you would like to know more.


1Are you a certified training provider?
Yes, we are a registered Food Handler Training School by Ministry of Health (MOH) and Training Provider approved by Pembangungan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB). Our training courses are HRDF claimable.
2I would like to conduct in-house training at my place, can you arrange that?
Yes. We do provide in-house training . Just leave your request at our CONTACT US page and our sales representative will get in touch with you.
3How long does it takes to get my certificates after the training?
Upon clearance of payment, the certificates will be delivered to you within two weeks’ time.