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Food Safety Academy & Training

Food Safety Academy & Training

What is Food Safety Academy?

Food Safety Academy is established based on a series of modular workshop where each level of knowledge will bring you to the next stage and beyond. Food handlers training including courses and workshop are tailored not only for business needs, but also targeted to all-level participants.

Be it undergraduates who desire to know more of relevant information and technical knowledge, or working professionals that wants to advance in their career path by attending relevant short courses, or entrepreneurial individuals who are setting up your very own business who needs all these hands-on knowledge to be transferred to your business without hiring any consultant to work it for you, this is an affordable foundation to learn and to do-it-yourself to obtain food handlers certification!

Foundation Level

This level aims to equip you with the fundamentals of food safety, including basic food hygiene and other important food safety controls.

Building a solid foundation, this level is suitable for beginners who have no background in food safety , but is currently involved or planning to venture into the food industry.

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Intermediate Level

This level aims to equip you with the knowledge of food regulations in Malaysia, applications of food hygiene practice, illnesses caused by food safety issues, as well as the prerequisite programs to ensure food safety in food premises and factories.

This level is suitable for supervisors who are directly involved and is in the position to oversee the operations and staffs.

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Advanced Level

This level aims to equip you with the knowledge of Food Safety Management System, Management System Application and Maintenance, as well as System Update and Review.

This level is suitable for managers or senior staffs in managerial position as it helps you see the advantage of systems, and decide the best one for your business.

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