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Food Safety Academy


Food Safety Academy


Magcolm Solutions is the 1st International Approved Centre by Highfield in Malaysia in offering food safety qualifications that are being recognized internationally. Our ambition is to elevate the appreciation of the community towards Food Technologist in profession through these qualifications. We reckon that this is a tough journey for Magcolm Solutions, but we will be readily here for you.

International Food Safety Qualifications

As the first international approved center in Malaysia, we are committed to train future food safety leaders through imparting essential knowledge. The qualifications that we are offering to you is as below:

Food Safety Manager Qualification

Why International Food Safety Qualifications?

We pioneer food safety qualifications which deliver sustainable business results for the fast-paced food industry in Malaysia. We believe in the power of individuals to drive the Malaysia economy and are tenacious in our commitment to fill the skills gap in food industry.

Through these qualifications, we not only aim to attract individuals such as fresh graduates into the industry but as well as entrepreneurs or working adults that eagerly to grow their business and team.

International Accredited Qualifications by UK

We offer flexible and effectively regulated, international accredited food safety qualifications with enhanced support materials, across a wide range of food sectors.

International Approved Courses

We customize the qualifications which we offer in a way that they continue to meet local food safety challenges and the latest industry best practices.

Immediate Application At Work

Our qualifications are designed for immediate application in a variety of environments across the food manufacturing and catering industries.

Food Safety Certification Course