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Halal DIY Kit


Halal DIY Kit


In accordance with halal certification requirement, our Do It Yourself Halal Kit is a smarter, more convenient, cost-effective and easier way to Halal implementation. With our Halal Kit, you will be guided to complete the Halal application all by yourself. The coaching session is easy to understand, and we support you all the way through the entire process from understanding the basics of the Halal logo to knowing all the Halal products. Not only that, our Halal Pack also includes the necessary documents for every single stage that you need to comply with JAKIM requirement – all fully acceptable for JAKIM certification audit.

Documentation On-The-Go

The Halal Kit is developed solely by our expert team from the food industry. Our documentation is designed to make completion quick and easy. Every document is available in MS Word or MS Excel, making them a breeze to customize for your company. Each document is created specifically for food premise businesses, which is needed for your full Halal compliance.

Intensive Coaching

You will never be left alone in the implementation. Our Halal experts will coach and increase your confidence level in completing the Halal Kit. We take the guesswork out of the Halal Kit documentation, you will be rest assured to accomplish all sections in the pack with the utmost efficiency.

Live Consultation

Included in your Halal Kit, we provide a free one-on-one consultation with our resident experts through live chat. You’ll share your inquiries in real time and get your questions answered instantly. It saves your time, cost and is totally hassle-free.

Halal DIY Kit

What is MS 1500:2019 Halal Certification?

MS 1500:2019 Halal certification is an assurance that certified food product with respect to this standard is recognized to be permissible or halal to the Muslim consumer according to Syariah Law and enforced by Jakim.

Halal certification is now a common marketing tool used by both local manufacturers and food premises to reassure consumers that their products are Halal and Syariah-compliant which brings several benefits to their organization or business that includes:

  • Increased competitiveness and helps to penetrate the international and global market as Malaysia’s Halal logo is well respected and is generally accepted by the Muslim countries.

  • Give confidence to the business and relevant stakeholders and interested parties which include customers, suppliers and investors.

  • Technical requirement entailed in the standard supply of the product to be halal and Syariah compliant.

  • All above-mentioned benefits will in turn increase profitability to the business or organization.

Course Review

This two-day Halal DIY Coaching Program enable me everything I need to know in Halal Certification for my premise. Its structural module and framework with the coach’s step-by-step guidance, it is not that hard at all!

Now I know what is required to make sure my business is in compliance to the Halal requirement and to maintain them accordingly.

Programme Information

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    Programme Information

    Halal DIY Kit for Food Premise (2 days)
    Public Training only


    2017-07-12 to 2017-07-13
    Shah Alam
          No of Pax:
    2 pax
          Training Fees:
    RM2000 per company

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