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Food safety and quality legislation in Malaysia is updated progressively to cater to specific requirements of consumers and food manufacturers. Thus, after some comprehensive consideration and substantial effort on the relevant ministries part, a set of food safety program training, MeSTI, is devised. Why is a food safety program necessary then? The objective is to ensure the standards of proper food handling is maintained across the food industry so that the food consumers take are always within safety margins.

Documentation On-The-Go

The MeSTI Kit is developed solely by our expert team from the food industry. Our documentation is designed to make completion quick and easy. Every document is available in MS Word or MS Excel, making them a breeze to customize for your company. Each document is created specifically for food premise businesses, which is needed for your full MeSTI compliance.

Intensive Coaching

You will never be left alone in the implementation. Our MeSTI experts will coach and increase your confidence level in completing the MeSTI Kit. We take the guesswork out of the MeSTI Kit documentation, you will be rest assured to accomplish all sections in the pack with the utmost efficiency.

Live Consultation

Included in your MeSTI Kit, we provide a free one-on-one consultation with our resident experts through live chat. You’ll share your inquiries in real time and get your questions answered instantly. It saves your time, cost and is totally hassle-free.


What is MeSTI DIY KIT?

MeSTI DIY Kit is a 3-day coaching programme which enable you to learn everything you need to know about basic food hygiene programme, including all the legal requirements and best practices for compliances to MeSTI certification. This coaching programme as its name, is made for anyone who intent to gain insight on MeSTI and to bring their business towards MeSTI certification. Whether you are the decision maker, or personnel who is put in charge for food safety programme in your company, or even you are just a passionate learner who wants to learn more in the food safety field, this coaching programme is made just right for you. The best thing is, there is no prior knowledge needed to take this programme.

This programme is organized into 3 days coaching sessions by Magcolm Solutions, where the entire sessions addresses documentation and implementation of MeSTI requirement with respect to Ministry of Health Malaysia. This programme comprises various methods which include discussion in group, workshop, sharing experience from your Food Safety Coach, presentation, case studies, brainstorming session and intensive coaching to guide you step-by-step in your journey to MeSTI certification.

The Food Safety Coach is Alicia Kho, who is wealthy of experience Food Safety Management System in Malaysia, not only limited to MeSTI, but also with GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 as a consultant, auditor and also trainer. She is one of the listed consultants under Malaysian Institute of Food Technology and has been the core trainer for a number of international-level held seminars, and also the author of MeSTI DIY Kit.

Course Review

When we first started to look into implementing MeSTI in order to export our products to overseas, we were struggling when we first looked into the checklist and requirements to comply. Fortunately, Magcolm Solutions has guided us throughout MeSTI compliance with this coaching program, which in a way is so much easy to understand and with clear direction on what to do next.

This coaching program is different from the common consulting practice. We learnt to manage the documentation step-by-step and my team is more confident in managing the documentation and record now.

Programme Information

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Programme Information

MeSTI DIY Kit (2 days)
Public Training only

CM 001

2017-07-12 to 2017-07-13
Shah Alam
      No of Pax:
2 pax
      Training Fees:
RM4800 per company

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