Online Coaching

Online Coaching

Online Coaching Program

What is Online Coaching Program?

Online Coaching program is the first innovative way presented by trainers in Magcolm Solutions to carry out advisory project in a series of modular workshop to guide participants closer to certification through systematic and step-by-step approach.

As a leading HRD Corp training provider, we are focused on providing the best learning experience and imparting essential knowledge to our participants, ensuring them to have a comprehensive understanding of the topics at hand.

Comparison Matrices between Online Coaching Programme and Conventional Method

Quickly find out how our DIY Kit can add values to your business. You will learn the differences and compared which is best for you compared with leveraging our extensive knowledge here.

Course Features

Documentation On-The-Go

The Food Safety Kit is developed solely by our expert team from the food industry. Our documentation is designed to make completion quick and easy. Every document is available in MS Word or MS Excel, making them a breeze to customize for your company. Each document is created specifically for food premise businesses, which is needed for your full Food Safety compliance.

Intensive Coaching

You will never be left alone in the implementation. Our Food Safety experts will coach and increase your confidence level in completing the Food Safety Kit. We take the guesswork out of the Food Safety Kit documentation, you will be rest assured to accomplish all sections in the pack with the utmost efficiency.

Live Consultation

Included in your Food Safety Kit, we provide a free one-on-one consultation with our resident experts through live chat. You’ll share your inquiries in real time and get your questions answered instantly. It saves your time, cost and is totally hassle-free.