The most important are the opinions of satisfied customers

The most important are the opinions of satisfied customers

Quality is testimonial. Get to know them

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    Alice Boyd
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    Doris Flores
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    Brandon Ross
  • <span style=Connie Chua
    QA Manager" />

    Furley Bioextract Sdn Bhd

    Appointing Magcolm Solutions as our consultant is one of the best decision we have ever made. Alicia and her team are very knowledgeable, and their dedication and work ethic are truly professional. They understand our business and the industry from the inside-out, and helped us meet several food safety and quality standards. Once you have worked with them, you’ll understand why they are different.
    Connie Chua
    QA Manager
  • <span style=Lau
    Managing Director" />

    Ever Fresh Cameron Sdn Bhd

    We were sceptical to work with a consultant before but working with Magcolm Solutions was an extraordinary experience and they were highly recommended by my other friends in the similar industry. Magcolm Solutions helped us to accomplish the system implementation and certification in a shorter period of time frame compared to us doing it alone by spending a good amount of time on the documentations but end up getting rejected.
    Managing Director
  • <span style=Department: Business Advisory Division" />

    SME Corporation Malaysia Sdn Bhd

    The course covered a lot of information, and most importantly it covered relevant information which delivered in a way that were easy to absorb. The trainer was truly a subject-matter-experts. The best part wasn’t just about the new knowledge, but the benefits came from doing assignments and interacting with Alicia and other participants, which benefits the participant to be prepared in a real scenario in dealing with daily task and challenges.
    Department: Business Advisory Division

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