ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) Requirements Malaysia | Food Hygiene Regulations & Guidelines

What is their importance in Food Safety Management System? Why it is need to be acknowledged?

It is important to acknowledge and address these two actions in Food Safety Management System as such acts can cause illness and even death. This was the case in 2008 when melamine was used as a nitrogen source to fraudulently increase the measured protein content of milk, resulting in more than 50 000 babies hospitalized and six deaths after having consumed contaminated infant formula.

The common factor in many cases of food fraud is that the adulterant may be safe and also unsafe to be consumed by customers. Common adulterants include water and sugar, or ingredients that may be legitimately used and declared, but whose improper use constitutes fraud. Food fraud deceives the consumers by providing them with lower quality foodstuff, against their knowledge and will.

Economically-motivated adulteration deprives the consumers of the quality products they intend to purchase. It can also have serious implications on food safety and the health of consumers. Thus, the prevention of food fraud is important to protect the trust of our consumers and to maintain fair, sustainable business practices.


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